DIY Faux Coved Ceiling: Oooh! Stripes! Coving! White! Hooray!

Faux Coved Ceiling & Cabinet Refreshing!


This is it! The BEFORE photo of our powder room.  This is our Test Site, Guinea Pig, Practice Place…whatever you want to call it.  If this room goes well, then we’re spreading the floor and counter techniques to the rest of the house!

Ugly maroon laminate countertops.

Grody and cheap looking “honey oak” cabinets.

And boring and tacky vinyl grey flooring.

First, we pulled out the vinyl floors, which was waaaaay easier than we thought it was going to be.  Not much adhesive was used, so hooray!  Scraped the adhesive  off and took about 15 minutes total.  Sweet!

Next a fresh white coat of paint for the ceiling that we had on hand in a satin ($FREE) and we used a creamed coffee colored paint for the walls that was left over from my folks house remodel ($FREE) with a roller we had on hand ($FREE).

I decided to do a “faux coved ceiling” treatment by blue taping off a good 3 inches from the edge, then an additional feature stripe to add some oomph (blue tape $5).

Using the same wall paint, just brushed it in with a foam paintbrush (75¢).

Be sure to remove the tape while the paint is still wet or you might tear off some of your stripe.

Wow! Already tons better! Now on to the cabinetry…

Sanded down the shiny finish of the surface with coarse sandpaper that I had on hand ($FREE), and should have primed these first, but figured multiple coats would make up the difference.  Bought a gallon of semi-gloss interior ($15) figuring I could use it on the baseboard trim later. Only did about 4 light coats on the base with a foam brush (75.¢).

These doors were a PAIN…but taking my time with a combo of a paintbrush and foam brush made a world of difference in the finish.  The paint tended to pool in the niches of the design, but they look great SIX coats later!

And ta-da! HOW FRESH and clean-y they look!  Now for the FUN stuff: faux granite countertop and paper flooring treatments.

TOTAL COST of ceiling, walls and cabinet painting:  $21.50.

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