DIY: More Stairs Remodel! Vinegar and Steel Wool Staining of Pine Stair Treads

Let’s pickle some wood!  Watch my video here to learn how I made a super easy vinegar and steel wool mixture to stain my pine treads into the perfect color for my stairs… Continue reading

NEW DIY!! How I Used Common Garage Tools to Distress New Pine Stair Treads

Part of my ongoing stair remodel project.  Tore out all of the carpet, then off with the old OSB/chipboard treads.  Next, I ended up purchasing the fantastic solid pine board tread from our… Continue reading

DIY: How I Removed Horrible Chipboard OSB Stair Treads from my Stairwell

So, I hated my carpeting on the stairs. Old, stained, worn out. UGLY. Off it had to come, but what to replace it with? SO many options and ideas that I put on my… Continue reading

$69 DIY River Rock Pebble Stone Hand Laid Floor!

Why pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for pre-glued stone tiles when you can do it for waaaaaaaaay less? Stay tuned for my step by step blog on how to do this yourself,… Continue reading

DIY: What Am I, A Plumber? Fixing a 2nd story shower leaky drain…

Okay, we’ve had this hole in our family room ceiling for almost 2 years.  Yes, two years.  It’s a result of a leaky upstairs shower drain.  Neither hubby or myself claim to be… Continue reading

DIY: Tissue Paper Ceiling ~Hides everything!

Easy to do!  Saw this online as a wall treatment, and figured it was the perfect fix for my unevenly textured ceilings in my family/kitchen/nook rooms.  I made a video of the journey,… Continue reading

DIY Brown Paper Floor Awesomeness……Room #2 Complete with Mistakes!

Hey all!  So, after much anticipation, I finally finished the second room with the contractor’s brown kraft paper-and-glue floor technique that I used a while back in my powder room.  SEE MY STEP… Continue reading

DIY UPDATE: Paper Flooring Repairs!! OH NOOooooo~ Not.

This flooring just blows me away, and everyone else that has come in to see it! Love the dark Jacobean brown color, LOVE the high gloss “piano finish”. Not a problem for showing… Continue reading

Scary Spider Halloween Punk Pumpkin!

“No Candle Needed!” This was a HIT at the cub scout den meeting tonight!  Saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it! Here is the original link called Spider’s Nest Pumpkin on Family… Continue reading

Birthday Cake Tutorial~ Harry Potter’s Monster Book of Monsters

“Monster Book of Monsters” Once upon a time, there was a 6 year old boy that was soon turning 7.  His Mommy asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted. The boy… Continue reading

DIY UPDATE: Faux Granite Countertop…How’s it holding up?

Just wanted to update on the counters are holding up. EXCELLENTLY! The countertop looks just like it did when I first finished it a couple months ago, even with heavy use. November 1, 2011:  STILL… Continue reading

DIY Stained Brown Paper Floor Awesomeness!~ Under $30 Do It Yourself Hardwood/Laminate Floor Alternative

My new favorite thing ev’ah. What an odyssey this was for me!  Starting with the ugly grey vinyl and transforming the floor into a BEAUTIFUL glossy masterpiece!  There were a lot of sites… Continue reading

DIY Faux Granite Countertop ….without a kit for under $60!

I’m Gonna Go Faux It! Before….  ugly, dated and this color irritated me every time I went in there. Even though this house was built in 2004, this maroon/grey/oak theme seems trés 1980’s. Yuck. Plus… Continue reading

DIY Faux Coved Ceiling: Oooh! Stripes! Coving! White! Hooray!

Faux Coved Ceiling & Cabinet Refreshing!   This is it! The BEFORE photo of our powder room.  This is our Test Site, Guinea Pig, Practice Place…whatever you want to call it.  If this… Continue reading

UPDATE! Faux granite countertop in bathroom!

Here they are! What….more than 2 years later? …I lost track…. My faux granite countertops looking as awesome as the day I finished them. No peeling, no scratching, no lifting, no dullness. Amazing!… Continue reading