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DIY Brown Paper Floor Awesomeness……Room #2 Complete with Mistakes!

Hey all!  So, after much anticipation, I finally finished the second room with the contractor’s brown kraft paper-and-glue floor technique that I used a while back in my powder room.  SEE MY STEP… Continue reading

DIY UPDATE: Paper Flooring Repairs!! OH NOOooooo~ Not.

This flooring just blows me away, and everyone else that has come in to see it! Love the dark Jacobean brown color, LOVE the high gloss “piano finish”. Not a problem for showing… Continue reading

DIY UPDATE: Faux Granite Countertop…How’s it holding up?

Just wanted to update on the counters are holding up. EXCELLENTLY! The countertop looks just like it did when I first finished it a couple months ago, even with heavy use. November 1, 2011:  STILL… Continue reading