UPDATE! Faux granite countertop in bathroom!



Here they are! What….more than 2 years later? …I lost track….

My faux granite countertops looking as awesome as the day I finished them. No peeling, no scratching, no lifting, no dullness. Amazing! I use this sink in my powder room as a utility sink for all of my DIY projects, so it gets extra use with paint brushes, extra dirty hands, standing water on the surface daily. No issues whatsoever. I highly recommend this for your own bathroom. We plan on still doing the kitchen in a lighter pattern combo… More ivory and whites. But first I should test out the “knife cutting test” as any family knows thy cutting something directly on the counter happens. That’s just life. If it can handle a bit of that, then we’re golden. I’ll report back as soon as we do that. Hooray for this successful DIY project that has withstood the test of time!