DIY: Tissue Paper Ceiling ~Hides everything!

ImageEasy to do!  Saw this online as a wall treatment, and figured it was the perfect fix for my unevenly textured ceilings in my family/kitchen/nook rooms.  I made a video of the journey, mistakes and all, which you can see here:

For this project I used the following:

1. White Gift Tissue Paper ($1.00 per 40 sheets at Dollar Store)Image

2. White, flat ceiling paint ($27 for 2 gallons)  (I only used about a gallon for this room.)Image

3. Roller with extension pole (Had on hand.)

4. Rolling pan ($1 at Dollar store.)

As you can see in this photo, the uneven ceiling texture is what I’m trying to cover with  this tissue paper texture.


FIRST, apply a nice layer of paint just a bit wider than the tissue paper width.Image

Take a sheet of tissue paper and place on the ceiling.


Then PAT it gently, letting the wrinkles come as they like.  DON’T RUB or WIPE! You’ll tear the paper like I did at first.


Roll the paint just over the edge of each piece and overlap each sheet just a tad so you don’t end up with blank frames around each rectangle.

DON’T roll over the whole tissue sheet yet until it fully dries though, or THIS will happen….


NOT good.  😦

Once you finish your ceiling with the one layer of paint and one layer of tissue paper patted down, it should look something like this.

ImageA bunch of tissue rectangles that look like tiles.  DON’T WORRY!  Once you let it dry overnight, you’ll come back and put the final sparkly white coat of paint on and all this “tile looking situation” will disappear.



These pictures were taken at night with poor light, but you can get the gist of how awesome the end result is!  Fantazmo!


This room took about 3 hours to do all together, including my mistakes.  A great ceiling treatment all for under $20!

Again, you can see the entire project on my YouTube channel (Mossisawesome) at this link: