DIY UPDATE: Paper Flooring Repairs!! OH NOOooooo~ Not.

This flooring just blows me away, and everyone else that has come in to see it! Love the dark Jacobean brown color, LOVE the high gloss “piano finish”. Not a problem for showing spots or dirt or much of anything.  The varigated pattern from the wrinkled paper and the stain variations hide a multitude of things.

A good four months now in one of the heaviest used rooms in the house and I finally dealt with the first “repairs”.  If you can even call them that!  The entire business to repair 7 little nicks took about 10 minutes. You can see a super short video about it here. It has withstood full on toilet overflows with standing water at least 4 times since I put this flooring in and daily use by a hoard of 6-9 year old boys.  I STILL LOVE IT and am planning on doing more rooms in my house with this technique.   Wish I’d known about this years ago!

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